DINO VR was developed to give the user a possibility to experience the stone age like never seen before. He is able to travel back in time more than 68 millions years. Our main focus was to create a application where the user is able to take a journey through a fictive jungle in todays southern America.

You will be confronted with various extincted animals and are able to see how they behaved in their natural environment. With the possibility to interact with your hands your able to receive various informations about each dinosaur and discover your surroundings.

The hardware implementations were realized with an HTC Vive and the Leap Motion controller. For the software we have used Unreal Engine, Cinema 4D, Adobe CC and various Libraries and Plugins.

A video of the live prototype in action will be uploaded very soon.

Course: Interactive Communication Systems II
Semester: 4. Semester Interactiondesign
Academic: Julia Stäbler
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Unreal Engine, Cinema 4D

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