First brainstorming phase. What is this game about, what goal does the user have?

Storytelling, level design, character definition and abilities were defined.

We quickly agreed on a classic game principle, the Tower-Defense gameplay. Due to the fact that the game is played in AR,
some adjustments had to be made to the game controls and the positioning of game elements.

The first UI wireframes and character sketches were created.

For the infected animal zombies, we chose 2 characters. These were then modeled in
Blender/Cinema 4D. Then a rig was added to animate the characters.


Different state-dependent animations have been created and added like walking, running, attacking, falling…

Screenshot 2019-12-16 at 10.11.19
Screenshot 2019-12-16 at 10.14.32

Since we only had a few days for this game, we agreed on a simple game scene. In this case a small shop with a parking lot.


Finally the UI was created. The interface includes a character-controller for basic walking as well as special actions like
jumping or running. Additionally various indicators and menu contents were created.

Infect All Hoomans (AR Mobile Game)

This game is about an unprecedented animal epidemic breaking out on Earth due to serious hygiene and environmental damage, turning animals such as pigs and cows into zombies. These zombie animals have the urge to infect all nearby hoomans. The extinction of all hoomans ensures the survival of the virus and the zombies can gain world domination.

The application is a mobile jump ‘n’ run game. The main difference to other Jump ‘n’ Run games is that two players in a team can use Augmented Reality to master the levels. The application runs on both Android and iOS platform and supports multi-platform gaming.

The unique selling point of the application is the combination of location-based gaming, augmented reality and the possibility to play together with several players on site.

A big challenge in this task was the timing. We only had 5 days for conception, implementation and testing.

A video of the finished AR prototype will be uploaded soon.

Course: Game Design
Semester: 2. Semester M.A.
Academic: Prof. Christoph Müller, Alexander Scheurer Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Unity, Blender, C4D
Team: Giefer, Njayou, Teklezghi, Wochner, Kielwein

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