Roomies – Interactive Sound Videogame

Roomies is an interactive videogame fully playable with any game-controller – made with Unity. It allows players to explore their surroundings and activate different sound-loops which create a unique piece of music. Roomies are a small concierges who explore hotel rooms in absence of the guests. The game was adapted to the real-size of a room, this created the impression that the character is really in the room.

The game uses a complex procedural animation-state system and an inverse kinematics system (IK). The IK system enables the character to perform individual animations which automatically adapt to the environment. This makes it possible to perfectly adapt jumping or climbing animations to corresponding with surrounding obstacles.

The game was fully coded in C# using the Unity game-engine.

Course: Interactive AV
Semester: 2. Semester M.A. Interactiondesign
Academic: Prof. Norbert Schnell Tools: Unity, Blender, Cinema 4D, Sketch, Illustrator, Ableton

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