Motorcycle helmet meets Head-Up-Display.

With an increasing number of deadly road accidents every year, we came up with a concept of a smart motorcycle helmet which pro-actively supports the driver by involving and including technologies such as a HUD, Eye-Tracking, rear-driving camera and a gyroscope sensor the detects heavy impacts.

The main goal was to develop a helmet which helps the driver to recognize possible risks during his journey and to provide him with driver-related informations. The challenge was to provide an aided interface but without interfering his field of vision nor distracting the driver from his main task, driving. The final solution includes an eye-tracking sensor which detects the eye-movement of the driver and based on the point-of-view, informations will be presented in dedicated areas in the HUD.

Course: Invention Design I
Semester: 3. Semester Interactiondesign
Academic: Prof. Jörg Beck
Tools: Unity 5, Photoshop, Illustrator, Processing

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