Many different color-schemes, for each day or night version, were created during the course.

First step was to basic sketch the car, from then I started the shading process.

In the end I focused on the details and highlights.


In this motion-design workshop we created a animated advertisement poster. I choose the 24h classical race event at LeMans, France. First I began to sketch the vintage Porsche 917k from 1970, I then shaded the car and gave it the classic Gulf-Livery which originally participated at the 1970 24h endurance race. For the environment I created two versions, one for the day, one for night-time.

Concerning the animation I decided to go with a very basic and simple animation, the main idea was to focus on the interesting part of a 24h race – racing at day and at night.

Workshop: Motion-Design
Semester: 6. Semester Interactiondesign
Academic: Prof. Brian Stone (Ohio State University)
Tools: Wacom Cintiq HD and Adobe CC

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